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The Big Poetry Giveaway 2011

It’s April 1st — and you know what that means!

It’s the start of National Poetry Month.

First introduced in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets to increase public awareness and appreciation for poetry, this year among the different activities poets are participating in for its observation, include the write-a-poem-a-day challenge at NaPoWriMo.

A number of poet-friends are doing the poem-a-day-challenge at NaPoWriMo.

I’m not going to do the poem a day challenge at the NaPoWriMo site, but only for, umm, I guess technical reasons… Mainly, because I have already been writing a poem a day since November 20, 2010, when I first began posting daily poem-responses on Dave Bonta’s microblog  The Morning Porch (which he then archives as “Morning Porch Poems by Luisa Igloria” at his main blog, Via Negativa). It’s been around 108 days (and about 112 poems) since then, and I have every intention of continuing with what has come to feel (for me) like a poetry devotional of sorts…  

But so many other poet-friends are also participating in Kelli Russell Agodon’s The Big Poetry Giveaway 2011. (Kelli thanks so much for doing this!)

I’ve decided to join the fun, and am hereby announcing that I will do my own poetry giveaway here on my blog— I will use the fishbowl method described by Kelli in her original post, to select 2 lucky recipients of  (1) my most recent poetry book Juan Luna’s Revolver (2009 Ernest Sandeen Prize in Poetry, University of Notre Dame Press); and (2) another poetry book that I have read and love(d), Eugene Gloria’s Hoodlum Birds (Penguin Books), for its luminous grasp of history and its wise understanding of lyric and language.

I will collect the names of readers who leave comments to this post   saying  they would like to participate in the poetry giveaway; and after the  month of April bows out, I will randomly select the two recipients of the  abovementioned poetry books. When you leave comments, therefore,  please include an email address so I might be able to backchannel you to  get your post/mailing address should you be one of the two winners!